How to Swing Golf Clubs - A Beginners Golf Guide
Golf Tip to Increase the Distance of Your Drive

How to GolfWhen looking for a Golf Tip to help your driving skills, look for a drill that will help elongate the backswing. Your goal when driving should be to extend the golf club as far away from the body as possible during the backswing, and a great golf tip to help you do just that only uses a box of balls and your driver. Place a box of balls on the ground behind your club head. Shove the balls as far back as you can during your backswing. This teaches the body how to stretch and elongate itself through the backswing.

Golf Tip for Bringing Electronic Devices on the Course

How to GolfMost Golf Tips that you read about cover drills and exercises, but what should be done about electronic devices? It’s hard to find anyone these days that is not completely dependent on their phone. We are used to being kept up to date on a minute by minute basis and feel completely cut off if we are separated from them. However, there is something to be said for living in the present moment and enjoying your surroundings. The best golf tip for electronic devices on the golf course is to turn them off. The world will keep on turning!

Easy Golf Tip to Fix a Slice

Even though slicing the golf ball can wreak havoc on your score it is usually an easy problem to fix.Loosening up the grip is a good golf tip for fixing a slice.  This action allows the hands to release properly and causes the club face to be square at impact. Another great golf tip for eliminating your slice is making sure that the back of your wrist is aimed at your target at the moment of impact. You can monitor this by wearing a watch on your forward wrist.Take note of where the watch is pointing when you strike the ball.