How to Swing Golf Clubs - A Beginners Golf Guide
Golf Tip to Increase the Distance of Your Drive

How to GolfWhen looking for a Golf Tip to help your driving skills, look for a drill that will help elongate the backswing. Your goal when driving should be to extend the golf club as far away from the body as possible during the backswing, and a great golf tip to help you do just that only uses a box of balls and your driver. Place a box of balls on the ground behind your club head. Shove the balls as far back as you can during your backswing. This teaches the body how to stretch and elongate itself through the backswing.

Golf Tip: Let Gravity Do Its Job!

How to GolfIt’s true, new golfers create most of their own problems. The best part about this is the fact that they are just as capable of fixing those problems with a little practice. An important golf tip to remember when taking a shot is to let gravity work for you. Many missed hits and slices are hit every weekend because golfers try to help gravity along and “pull” their club toward the ball. This causes everything from the grip to swing mechanics to be thrown off. The best golf tip for this problem is to relax and let the club come to the ground naturally.


Golf Tip for Controlling Your Short Chip Shots

Golf TipThe number one golf tip for learning how to control your short chip shots is this; use your putter whenever possible!  The flat face of the putter gives you excellent control of the golf ball because it doesn’t give the ball any loft.  However, if you are too far from the cup and must use your wedge, maintain the y shape that your arms form with the club throughout the shot.  This golf tip will force the body to treat the wedge like a putter and add a bit more control to your short chip shot.