How to Swing Golf Clubs - A Beginners Golf Guide
Fix Golf Slice – Watch the Head!

How to GolfBoth grip and club swing path play an enormous role in causing a golf player’s slice. Errors in either of these two areas will cause a golfer to put unwanted spin on their golf ball.
Incorrect gripping technique causes the club face to be to open when it strikes the ball which causes the spin problems. At the same time, many golf players do not have a true club swing path. A golf club that travels along an “outside to inside” path during a swing will always cause the golf ball to spin. By addressing these two problems, the majority of struggling golf players will be able to Fix Golf Slice problems in a relatively short period of time.

Golf Tip for Gaining Golf Flexibility

How to GolfA golfer’s skill is determined by several factors, one of which is their level of flexibility. The Golf Tip for gaining flexibility for golf is simple. Golfers must spend time every day performing dynamic golf stretching exercises. Dynamic stretches are different from the usual stretches performed by athletes that take part in other sports. A dynamic stretch is a single fluid motion. In golf, the most beneficial dynamic stretching exercise is a slowed down version of the golf swing with club in hand. This golf tip will prepare a golfer for the game ahead and help reduce injuries.

Golf Tip to Increase the Distance of Your Drive

How to GolfWhen looking for a Golf Tip to help your driving skills, look for a drill that will help elongate the backswing. Your goal when driving should be to extend the golf club as far away from the body as possible during the backswing, and a great golf tip to help you do just that only uses a box of balls and your driver. Place a box of balls on the ground behind your club head. Shove the balls as far back as you can during your backswing. This teaches the body how to stretch and elongate itself through the backswing.

Etiquette Golf Tip for Behavior on the Course

How to GolfThere’s a lot more to the game of golf than hitting a golf ball around the course. Golf requires manners and here are a few Golf Tips for considerate golfers. It is important not to distract other golfers as they go through their process of hitting the golf ball. This means no noises or sudden movements. A courteous golf partner will even be so careful as to not allow their shadow to come close to a golfer about to make a shot. A good golf tip is to think not only of your partner, but also every other golfer nearby.

Golf Tip: Let Gravity Do Its Job!

How to GolfIt’s true, new golfers create most of their own problems. The best part about this is the fact that they are just as capable of fixing those problems with a little practice. An important golf tip to remember when taking a shot is to let gravity work for you. Many missed hits and slices are hit every weekend because golfers try to help gravity along and “pull” their club toward the ball. This causes everything from the grip to swing mechanics to be thrown off. The best golf tip for this problem is to relax and let the club come to the ground naturally.


Golf Tip to Fix Your Shank Problem so You Can Stand Tall!

Ask any golfer what the worst shot you can make is and they will all tell you, “The shank shot!”  A simple golf tip that works to eliminate this problem is to stand more erect as you take your swing.  The golf tip of maintaining good posture of the head and upper body is usually all it takes to fix a problem with shank shots.  It is easy to lean too far forward when using shorter clubs, but this makes it more likely that you will strike the ball on the heel of the club or even the hosel.